My Food Diary

A little about my foodie life.

Hi there !

Instagram is where I first started sharing my food adventures. Then my food posts started to overtake my personal account so I made a food IG, @vancitysweetie, dedicated for my food adventures. I started YelpingΒ to share my experiences and reviews at restaurants. Since I pretty much eat out everyday… so why not share my good and not so good reviews with others.

Why the username VancitySweetie? The Vancity part is because I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC! Β “Sweetie”, because I am a sweet person and really really love sweets. (Like seriously, may sugar consumption is way above a normal person…) So that’s how VancitySweetie was created.

There is too much good food out their to go on a diet/restriction as we will never know when our last meal is, so why not enjoy every meal like it is your last meal. The world has too many different cuisines, desserts, cakes and ice-cream to offer, so I will consume as much as I can with every opportunity I am given!

No matter how full I am, I always have to get dessert! Because dessert goes to the heart ❀.

“stressed spelled backwards is dessert”



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