REVIEW|Mille Crepe: L’otus Cake Boutique & Lady M

Mille Crêpe reviews 🙂 or an excuse to eat more than one cake hehe.

Mille Crêpe? In French, Mille = 1000 layer

Crêpe = thin pancake

Mille + Crêpe = thousand layers of cake/thin pancake

A thousand layer is clearly exaggerated as who would actually have the time to do a thousand layers for a cake. (No offence if you do.) Which is why the price of mille crepe are quite high because of the time and effort put into making the cakes.

L’otus Cake Boutique located in Richmond.

This place has been the newest hype on IG because of their mille crepe. So, I had to hit it up! It was already busy on a Sunday afternoon a few minutes after they were opened. A few tables were already occupied and the other tables had reservation signs on it. So note to self, make reservations before coming or prepared to be rushed to finish in 30 minutes like we had to.


Creme Brulee Mille Crepe $8.50

The creme brulee one is my favorite despite it still being a bit frozen in the middle. The server did warn us to eat this one last so it can thaw. (Hint it may not be fresh? Since it was served frozen.) It’s not as good as the Lady M one, that I had in NYC because the top was not crispy instead a bit watery probably from it slowly being thawed out. It’s a bit heavier tasting then the other cakes but I just love the vanilla taste in it.






Hojicha Mille Crepe $8.00

Unintentionally got this one because they were out of the Mango one. Surprisingly, this one is my second favorite. Nice green tea taste and not over powering. It was light, like having a green tea sponge cake. But not artificial tasting.









Matcha Mille Crepe $8.50

The matcha one is strong in the matcha taste, well duh it’s called matcha for a reason… Anyways but the thing with matcha for me is the gritty part of the powder that turns me off sometimes. This one had slightly too much matcha but it was still edible for me.


Blue Earl Grey Mille Crepe $8.50

If you love earl grey, this would be your cake! But for me after being scared from having a lavender macaron that tasted like soap, my taste buds made this feel like eating a perfumed cake. As the earl grey was too overpowering for me, I could only have two bites. This one was the    prettiest because of the  tea leafs and gold flakes!

Two people, four cakes in 30 minutes… not to shabby.



Lady M Signature Mille Crepe $8.00USD

Lady M in New York City.

My first time having mille crepe and it did not disappoint. It tasted literally like a nice slikly creme brulee in a cake form! The top part was nicely torched just like a creme brulee. This place made me have a higher expectations for future mille crepes, so L’otus Cake Boutique could not really compare to Lady M.

I was curious about how many layers of crepe there was… so I counted and got around 15 layers. Has anyone else tried counting the layers before?

Where else is good for mille crepe? They’re so rare to find in Vancouver.


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