Healthy Gluten-Free Pancakes

easy healthy delicious pancakes

Whenever I crave pancakes but don’t have a boxed pancake mix on hand, this is what I do. It’s also healthy!

2 Eggs + 1 Banana = PANCAKES

Only 2 ingredients!!

This recipe was taken from Blogilates.

Easy to make and yummy. I used a fairly ripe banana so it was a bit sweet and tasted almost the same as regular pancakes. Β It’s not so healthy after I drenched it with perhaps 1 cup of maple syrup… but EHH I am Canadian and we are proud of our maple syrup! I am also guilty of finishing it all in 10 minutes because I couldn’t control myself…

This recipe could also be easily altered and changed to your personal liking. Such as adding chocolate chips or blueberries to make it sweeter or cinnamon for that extra spice!

I like expressing my artsy side whenever I can. (or call me “extra”)

So I decided to attempt to do pancake art with this batch of healthy pancake batter. Sadly it did not turn out well, as the coloring just end up being the same. It was a FAIL. Conclusion, normal pancake batter worked much better for making pancake art.


normal pancake batter



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