Illumination Summer Night Market 2017


Illumination Summer Night Market, last year it was called the “Panda Night Market”. Or I like to refer to it as the “old night market” as it was the original one in Richmond and the Richmond Night Market as the “new night market”.

They started collecting admission fee this year. $3.00 entry fee.

Parking is FREE.

I was lucky to come on Mother’s Day weekend, where they let all females into the night market for FREE! Score, haha had no idea they had this promo going on either until I was in the line up.

Something new this year, is all these cute little bear statues they have around the night market.

Twist Potatoes/Hurricane Potatoes are always a MUST at the night market. $4.50 for 1 or 2 for $9. We ordered 4. We got the BBQ flavor my favorite, the garlic mayo is second, sour cream & onion is good and the wasabi mayo is um.. unique but not for me. The Korean waffles/ takiyaki aren’t as crispy as I wished. The red bean one surprisingly wasn’t too sweet. I wish they still had Nutella instead of the dark chocolate cream.

The bubble waffles here are addicting. I kept popping them in my mouth non-stop. Had the original bubble waffle first. It was very crispy on the outside and nice and soft on the outside. So had to go buy another two after the first one. The original was a must again and decided to try out the green tea because I know I wouldn’t like the chocolate. So, got the green tea and original bubble waffle combo for $8 which is good deal! Since local bubble waffle shops normally charge $4.50/5.00 for one bubble waffle. Waited 4 minutes, and they were made to perfection again!

Takoyaki seem to have gotten more and more expensive. Price is $6 for 6 takoyaki, so pretty much paying $1 for one. The ones here are nice and round but if you let it rest to cool down you can see the takoyaki will deflate into a saggy ball. So, it was fairly hollow inside when I ate it, they need to use more batter!

I don’t know why but a squid is always a must when you go to the night market! This place offered a mix of BBQ squid and deep fried squid for $11. Totally worth it as they give you a good amount on the plate. No wonder this stall had the longest line up and took almost 15 minutes wait just to place an order.

There is always a dim sum stall at the night market. Tried out the chicken mushroom shark fin soup $6. Don’t worry as it is not real shark fin. They use vermicelli pretending it is shark fin. I actually liked this a lot and finished the whole thing myself cause no one else wanted anymore. It gets really cold at night time so this really helped warmed my hands by holding and eating this.


They had live music this night, but not many people sat and watch.

The light shows all around the night market is their new theme. Hence calling it the “Illumination” Summer Night Market.


Lots of nice places to take pictures at.


I wish for a GPA of 4.0 too…

There are a few more stalls I want to check out still. I guess the $3 admission fee is mainly to pay for the electricity bill for the lights as there isn’t many stalls inside. The empty stalls are turned into seating areas, so a pro would be there is tons of seats for eating.

Location: 12631 River Rd, Richmond, BC Canada

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