Richmond Night Market 2017

Opens May 12 – Oct 9 2017


Every year I have to go to the Richmond Night Market to find out what’s new to eat. That is all I ever cared about the night market is the food!

This year prices for admission have increased a lot…

General Admission: $3.75

Zoom Pass: $25 with 7 uses (so you save $1.25)

If I remembered correctly, just last year it was priced at $2.75.

All the food stalls are full which is a plus for every foodie out there! It is still dino theme, with life-like dinosaurs all around the night market.

May 12, 2017

$8 Mango orange soda in a plastic light bulb that flashes on the bottom. This was not really worth it as the drink wasn’t anything different from regular orange pop. But the light bulb is a good souvenir/keeper!

$6 London Fog served in a plastic pouch. It is really a zip lock bag, as you have to unzip the bag to put your straw into it to drink. This straight up tasted like iced bitter coffee. There wasn’t anything sweet/vanilla in it, to make it a London fog.

$10 BBQ squid tentacles! Asked for a little spicy but I am pretty sure the guy didn’t hear us and probably gave us spicy. Regardless, this place always tastes the same which is why I always have to stop by and grab some. But this year they seem to skimp out on the portion size.

$10 OMGOLD! This was something I have never seen before so I had to try it out. It was a “meringue dessert with a crisp shell and soft chewy marshmallow center”. It takes the shape of a volcano with fruit sauces drizzle as a lava. What surprised me was the popping candy at the end because I did not expect it, which is probably why they called the place “BOOM BOOM”. The “24k gold” didn’t taste like anything. It was quite a windy day so I was scared the gold would have flew off. The meringue was crisp and melted in my mouth but wasn’t chewy.

May 26, 2016

Traffic to get into the Night Market was crazy this Friday. Waited an hour and half just to turn into Road No 3…


$7.50 Summer Rainbow drink. Layers of fresh fruit slush: strawberries, mangoes, kiwis and blueberries.

Chicken Bites! I forgot the price, but it took forever for us to get our order. It was definitely fresh, hence the long wait but it was too salty for me. We got this instead of their famous big chicken because its more convenient to eat and can easily be popped into your mouth.

$6 Lychee Slush drink. I passed on paying $1 more for a led ice cube because I really don’t need anymore, I realized I have collected quite a few every year. The drink was good, so you can’t go wrong with lychee slush.

6 skewers for $16. Skewers just seem to be a go to at the Night Market. The AAA rib-eye steak was my favorite but at the same time it had too much fat too.

$8 Chicken Pad Thai and $1 Veg. Spring Roll. The ladies working here were so sweet, but the Pad Thai was just bad. It’s not authentic and sadly we weren’t able to finish it. The spring roll was crispy but the taste just wasn’t good.

$10 for a coconut! The ladies chose the biggest coconut for us :). It is a Penang style coconut jelly dessert. Instead of coconut water inside, it’s coconut jelly! It is really refreshing but I wished I could have tasted more of the coconut flavor.

$3.50 Roasted Corn. We ordered one corn with butter and as the guy handed it to us, he said wait it’s “too small” do you want another one? Um.. Okay? So… SCORE got two corn for the price of one! The corn was not even small at all either… maybe there are benefits for good looks haha, jk ;)!

$8 Durian Ice Cream Sandwich. A nice chunk of durian ice cream between a warm deep fried man tou! This was so good, my taste-bud was very pleased. You can really taste the real durian that they use in their ice cream. They deep fry the man tou to order so it’s crispy and hot when you get it. They have a few other flavors and also soy bean ice cream on a deep fried Chinese doughnut!

June 3, 2017

Traffic is still pretty crazy this week, Saturday.

$10 for BBQ Squid. Decided to try out this squid stall since we always eat at the same stall. This stall is much better! You can taste the BBQ flavor and I loved the charred parts, it is also a lot more tender. I think this may have became my new go to squid place.

$8.75 for Paris (mix) golden leaf. Matcha ice cream and milk ice cream mixed and topped with some gold! This year edible gold seems to be quite trendy, this is the second stall at the Night Market that offers edible gold. The ice cream was nice and creamy and the matcha was good in flavor. It is quite expensive because of the gold but that’s what makes it Instagram worthy!

$7 BBQ Ducka-yaki. BBQ duck takoyaki, we actually got the last one before they sold out of this one. Which might be the reason for why there was barely any BBQ duck in it. Also be careful because we did find some duck bones in the takoyaki. The takoyaki here are full and not hallow, compared to other places.


Live performances every night.



They also added a bouncy castle this year!

Will be coming back again because there is a few other food stalls I wanted to try, but the $3.75 admission fee is revoking.


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