Aofeng Mountain

Located in China, Guangdong Enping

My favorite part about my trip to China was Aofeng Mountain. Even though my family laughed at me for saying that.

This mountain was my little getaway from the city.

Luckily we lived close by, so it took five minutes to walk to the mountain. Aofeng mountain is mainly empty during the day and afternoon. But at night time, it gets very busy!

I was able to explore the mountain for three days for a few hours each time. But pretty much covered all the main attractions of Aofeng mountain.

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Memorial to the Martyrs

It took three flights of stairs to get up to the Memorial to the Martyrs.


Information about the Memorial of Martyrs

Dragon Veranda


Information about the Dragon Veranda

This is the common route people take to get all the way to the top of the mountain. However it does take an hour compared to the faster but harder route which is just the flights and flights and flights of stairs.

Yeah… the flights of stairs that felt like it was never ending… as you can see below, but in reality it only took seven minutes of non-stop grinding to get up. But I rather take the harder and faster route over the longer and easier route any day!


Peach Blossom Valley



Sadly they had already bloomed and dried out when we went.

Garden of Beasts


Information about the Garden of Beasts

They have almost every single animal you could think of! It’s like a zoo full of stone animals. They also play background music and live sound effects.

Stone Carving Garden

They have a bunch of statue carvings and some recreation of famous statues.

The Sundial


How time was told in the ancient times. Also a excellent place for tanning!… just kidding.

Top of Aofeng Mountain


At the top there are concession stores, but they were never opened in the afternoon when we went. But were opened at night time when we came.

This mountain is just amazing. My favorite part wasΒ stopping and just listening to the sound of nature. Birds chirping, crickets cricking and a little bit of wind. Highly recommend coming during morning or afternoon when no one else is around!Β I can’t wait to come back again and find other parts of the mountains that I have not yet explored.



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