Norvan Falls

A guide to hike Norvan Falls

Norvan Falls Hike

Difficulty: Intermediate 

Time: 56 hours

Round-Trip: 14km

Elevation Gain: minimal 

Season: All year round

May 25, 2017

My Time: 2 hours up + 1 hour 20 minutes down = 3 hours 20 minutes

This hike isn’t too hard and for sure not intermediate. There is a lot of flat terrain during the hike. It’s not crowded, which is a plus. It’s definitely not a 5/6 hours hike, more like an estimated 4 hours hike in my opinion.

Norvan Falls is located inside Lynn Headwaters Park. Currently the parking lot is closed due to unsafe pavement. So, I parked in residential street or at the 2 hour parking areas.


From Lynn Headwaters, you walk pass the bridge and see a map here. There is a registration that you can sign up with your information in case you get lost/stranded. From here you go left and follow the Lynn Loop.


Along the Lynn Loop, you are able to hear the rushing water sounds. Soon you will see a sign. The sign shows the split between Headwaters Trial, Lynn Loop and Cedar Mill Trial.

There are 2 options you can take from here.

Option 1: Cedars Mill Trial/easier route – flat gravel terrain but it gets boring. If you choose this route then continue going straight.

Option 2: Headwaters Trial/harder route – muddy, wet, and some hills but more challenging and fun. If you choose this route then continue on the right.

I personally like a challenge so I took the Headwaters Trial.


Up some hills, streams, stairs and a lot of bridges.


After around 1 hour of hiking you will reach the Third Debris Chute. It gives the overview of Goat Mountain and a nice flowing river. Take in the view and once you’re ready continue hiking the Headwaters Trial. If you took the Cedars Mill Trials, you will walk up to the Headwaters Trial and take a left.


Third Debris Chute

The Third Debris Chute is also the halfway mark from Norvan Falls. Just 3km more and you will reach the waterfall.

The trial here passes a lot of streams, bridges, ups and downs.

There is also a bit of snow left on the side of the trial at one area.


About 45 minutes in you will reach these stairs. From these stairs it is 15 minutes more till the waterfall.


The sound of the waterfall gets louder and louder, the closer you get.

You will reach another sign that indicates you are 200m away from Norvan Falls. Turn right at the sign. The left route takes you to Grouse Grind, 9km. On the left you will notice a suspension bridge, you can check it out before continuing to Norvan Falls.


After 200m, Novan Falls will appear!


Take in the amazing waterfall, and enjoy your lunch here.


Once you’re ready to head back down. You can back track down the same way you came from.

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