Seoul Grill House AYCE

KOREAN BBQ & BUFFET = Eat as much as you can

Seoul Grill House

Price: $

Service: 6/10

Food: 6.5/10

Location:ย Guildford Town Centre 15155 101 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3R 7V4



Seoul Grill House is an inexpensive, all you can eat Korean BBQ Buffet. We came during lunch on a Saturday at around 12:30 pm and we wereย seated right away. At the end our bill came to around $54 for the three of us. We did add lettuce for $2.99 to eat with our meat, but they have iceberg lettuce and other saladsย at the buffet for free.


hot food buffet

The deep fried chicken wings here were pretty damn good. I had a around 7, they were nice and crispy!

The sweet and sour pork is served as deep fried pork with the sauce on the side to mix it up.


more hot food

Fried rice,ย Korean spicy rice cake, green beans, sweet glazed potatoes, etc…


make your own salad

I’m not a huge salad person and I didn’t want to waste room in my tummy for salads, when there was so many food options to choose from.


cold food

Udon salad, potato salad, kimchi, mushrooms, etc…


sides and sauces


rice and soups

They had two options for rice, barely and white rice. Also, three different kind of soups.


seaweed pork bone soup

My favorite was the seaweed pork bone soup, tons of seaweeds!



You have to mix your own sauces, the bottles were fairly sticky and dirty.


first plate of food

There was also a fridge full of meats, you take a plate and take as much as you can eat and bring it back to grill. Sadly the meats were not marinated, so the sauce came in handy.

I wish the meat was marinated because it got boring to eat, and we did get A LOT of meat, much regret… There is a $10 charge for any leftovers.


second plate of food


third plate of food


ice cream

There was ice cream! But it was only available during dinner hours and for $5 extra charge.


the watermelons were so sweet


went and got more watermelon when they refilled it again


my third plate of watermelon

Overall, this is a decent place for AYCE Korean BBQ & Buffet. The food is decent but nothing extraordinary. Probably won’t be back because I live in Vancouver and coming all the way out to Surrey for this, is not worth it. I don’t feel like it’s an authentic Korean BBQ because everything was fairly simple/bland, but it is cheap.

Service isn’t the best, they had a buzzer for service. Even with the buzzer took them a while to come by. They change the grill quite often. Taking away the empty plates from our table is on and off, because sometimes they see it and choose to ignore it.

I guess for the price you pay, explains the quality of the meats and foods you get. I’m just happy I didn’t get food poisoning, because after finishing I read some yelp reviews and there were a few not so lucky individuals that got food poisoning.

Price: $

Service: 6/10

Food: 6.5/10

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