Exploring River District

What’s there to see along the Fraser River

Vancouver’s Riverfront District, for more information check out their website riverdistrict.ca


The Fraser Foreshore Trail is the perfect place for walking and cycling. Also a good place to walk the kids and the dogs too! They separate the pedestrians and bike trial apart. I like biking here because it’s not as crowded as the seawall and less bikers.


Gladstone and Riverfront Park


I have been down River District one too many times now.



Fraser Foreshore Park Map

I rediscovered this place again earlier in May, when my brother told me to go down there to explore the place. He had cycled down but never finished the Fraser River Trail.

Before I left the house to bike down, Eric gave me a rock (the rock was from our trip in China)… Yeah, weird… told me to leave it where I got too tired and stopped biking.


I biked down in the evening so it was getting dark and I wasn’t able to reach too far. I left the rock under this bridge and biked home.

A few days later, I biked back down and retrieved my rock from under the bridge because I was determined to finish the trail. When I reached the end it was not what I have expected.



where I left the rock on my second trip down

I left my rock here to indicate I finished the trail and for Eric to retrieve it back, which he did. The end is just another view of the Fraser river. There are lawn seats in front of this box and a couple of guys were enjoying their drinks here.

So after exploring the Fraser trail, I tried going through different routes to see if I could find anything else.


I found the Estuary Nature Area.

“This eastern portion of Fraser Foreshore Park is 40 hectare ecological reserve containing a diversity of habitat types which are becoming scarce on the Fraser River; mature cottonwood forest, river estuary, tidal lagoon, tidal meadow, and old field meadow.”

I was hoping to spot some owls, but never did.


Along the Fraser Trial there is Glenlyon Foreshore Outlook.

“This platform at the mouth of Sussex creek is a link in the city of Burnaby’s foreshore park system, providing views and learning experiences along the Fraser river.”

I just like sitting on this high wooden chair at this outlook!


Look at this cute Corgi I found under this bridge!


On Saturdays, they have their Farmers Market. Click here for info and details about the farmers market.







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