River District: Farmers Market

Lots of baked goods, wines, fresh groceries, etc!


River District: Farmers Market

Open from May 13 to October 14, 10:00am – 3:00pm.



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This Farmers Market is smaller than I expected.


This stall was very tempting, I really wanted to buy the sunflower plant or a kale plant.



Found dog treats at this stand, $2 for these pumpkin spice and peanut cookies. They are hard and dry but the German Shepard loved it! Definitely coming back to purchase more for the dog.





The oatmeal chocolate chips were AMAZING! You can tell they were fresh and nothing like the stores. Nice, soft and not too sweet. I also really liked the shortbread cookies because they weren’t overly dry like other ones I’ve had. They were $8 for six cookies, which is quite expensive but for fresh delicious cookies, it is well worth it!


This hot dog stand is just a few seconds walk from the market. I will be going back to get a hot dog, they looked and smelled so good!


Most of the stalls were wine and baked goods. A few of the stalls switch every week.

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