Lighthouse Park

Guide to Lighthouse Park Hike

Lighthouse Park Hike

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 1 hour / longer depending how long you want to explore

Round-Trip: up to 6km

Elevation Gain: minimal

Season: all-year round

Dog-Friendly: Yes

Location:Β 4902 Beacon Ln, West Vancouver, BC V7W 1K5


From the parking lot there is three trails you can take. A lot of these trails loop to other trails, meaning there is a lot of trails to explore.

  1. The Juniper Loop brings you to the Juniper Point Lookout.
  2. Β The Salal Loop brings you to the Eagle Point Lookout.
  3. The Beacon Lane Trail, is the direct route to the Lighthouse Viewpoint.

We took the Beacon Lane Trail for the Lighthouse Viewpoint.

June 9, 2017

The trail is well marked and it’s hard to get lost. If you’re afraid of getting lost, then grab a map by the Lighthouse Park map board. The Lighthouse is a quick 10 minutes walk from the parking lot, down some tiny hills.





Closer to the viewpoint there are cabin washrooms and some historical houses.


up the rocks for the viewpoint

Lighthouse Viewpoint


Lighthouse Viewpoint

Yeah, this viewpoint isn’t the best view of the Lighthouse… especially with some trees blocking the way.

Determine to get a better view of the Lighthouse we went exploring for the best view. There is a private property that you are allowed to access for a clearer view of the Lighthouse. Go through the gates with the label Point Atkinson on it.

Point Atkinson Light

This is the closest view of the Lighthouse available. There is no public access to get down to the Lighthouse.


Point Atkinson Viewpoint


Follow the left of this point and you will reach the East Beach that gives a clear but faraway view of the lighthouse. Or you can go to the West Beach, which offers a similar view to the East Beach.

East Beach

The beach offers a place to sit down and have a picnic on the rocks, while enjoying the tides.


East Beach View


abandoned lookout


Panorama of East Beach

This is a super easy hike with a nice view.

Definitely going to come back to explore all the other trails.



Where to grab lunch?

Lonsdale QuayΒ 

We went to Lonsdale Quay Market afterwards to grab lunch after the hike. The market has a variety of food choices to choose from.


Fish and Chips & Mochiballs (Korean style fried chicken with mochis)

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