Kangaroo Creek Farm

Located in Kelowna

Kangaroo Creek Farm

Location:Β 3193 Hill Rd, Lake Country, BC V4V 1T7

There is only handicapped parking at the farm. So you have to park on Main St, which is just the street above the farm and there is plenty of parking.

The farm opens from 10:00am – 2:00pm, they close early due to animals being required to have naps in the afternoon. So it is best to come early so there is less of a crowd and you’ll be able to explore everything.

Entrance fee: Adults $10, Youth (under 19) $5, Seniors (65+) $5, Children under 5 free.


There is two places to explore here because 1 area is under work. The worker at the entrance gives you a quick summary of what there is to see and where they are located.

We went to the Kangaroo area first. They had kangaroos, donkey, emu, parrots, peacocks, turkey, sugar gliders, pot bellied pig and ponies.


They had 3 albino kangaroos and 1 joey (baby kangaroo). Albino kangaroos are rare in the wild because they are not able to survive but in farms like these they are less rare because they are given everything they need for survival.


There are workers that offer kangaroo food to everyone to feed the kangaroos. When you feed them you need to keep your hand flat. It took me forever to get rid of this food because all the kangaroos were pretty full and none were interesting in feasting.

The kangaroos are pretty soft, petting them on the back is allowed. But boxing kangaroos are not.



Winston the Turkey




The main reason I wanted to come to this farm was because of the baby kangaroos! You are able to hold the baby kangaroos here for a few minutes and it will make your heart melt. They are the cutest things ever!



The joey I got to hold was named Huggybear. He wouldn’t stop nibbling on my shirt and the worker told me because they are preparing to sleep. I could tell he was tired because he wouldn’t eat his leaf. I really want a baby kangaroo now!

The sugar glider! This little fella was very bouncy it kept flying back to the worker after someone held him for a bit.


The second part of the farm to explore had goats, fancy chickens and capybaras.






Final Thoughts:

For $10 admission I thought it was pretty worth it. There is quite a bit to do here, but what made me really enjoy this farm were the joeys. They are so precious and I will be coming back so I can hold another joey again!

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