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Amusement Park located in Guangdong Enping, China

This amusement park is newly opened in the city of Enping. I don’t have the location for it and there’s no details about this amusement park online but it is somewhere closer to the village side… so I am really no help. If you know the locals then they could help you locate this place.


Tickets where $55 each and it included rides. We actually got our tickets for free because one of the workers was friends with my mom.


This place was empty, there wasn’t anyone else here except a few other people. So we practically had the whole park to ourselves. Since it was so empty many of the ride attendants were taking naps… Also this amusement park is still under maintenance in one area where they are still building something.

There isn’t a lot of rides and most of it are children rides.



This was actually my first time going on a ride like this. were you pedal around the little mountain. It was quite a long ride, and thank goodness the bike goes automatic so you don’t need to pedal the whole way. There is music in the bikes too, I don’t know why but mine was playing the ABC song…


hand washing station

There washrooms are quite unique. There was a spooky dark dungeon like washroom. Also the above cute fish theme washroom.

There are lots of food places inside to eat at, with a variety of choices.




They had a long wall that you can walk along for a beautiful view of the whole park. It resembles the Great Wall of China. The wall looks really long but it is not that bad of a trip. What sucks was it was 32 degrees this day. I got a pretty bad sun burn and got a lot tanner.




look how far this wall stretches…


top of the view



For sure a tourist attraction place. But more of a tourist place for other Chinese visitors because no one spoke English here, making it hard to communicate.




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