Cypress Falls

Hiked here twice and I still cannot find the second waterfall… sigh

Cypress Falls

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 10 minutes to lower waterfall, unknown to upper waterfall…

Round-Trip: 3km

Elevation Gain: 130m

Season: Year-round

Dog Friendly: Yes! Just bring friendly dogs because there were a lot of dogs on this trail

Location: West Vancouver, BC V7S 2V6


how cute is he???

I low-key hate this hike, mainly because I cannot find the upper waterfall. The trail is not marked at all making it very frustrating to know where to go…

My first time here we gave up after reaching the lower waterfall due to Bobbi, the German Shepard, trying to have a fight with four other dogs (who didn’t care about his barking) on the trail.


Bobbi at lower waterfalls

My second time here we brought April, an overweight Chihuahua, she hates other dogs too but is easier to control because I can just pick her up.


April at lower waterfalls



lower waterfall

After the lower waterfall we crossed the bridge and went up a little hill. But this route took us to a service road, not the upper waterfall.



service road we got to… instead of the upper waterfall


After hitting the service road we went back down the trail and took another route, in hope of reaching the upper waterfall. But no luck, we took 3 different routes and still unable to find the correct route. Really wished they had marked what each route would have taken us to…

Maybe third time the charm? Going to have to find out once I come back! I will update on my third visit back here.

The hiking adventure with Bobbi is the video below, the April adventure will be posted later on.



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