Crawford Falls

Guide to hiking Crawford/Canyon Falls

Crawford Falls

Difficulty: Moderate

Time:Β 1h for both waterfalls

Round-Trip: 1.5km

Location:Β Kelowna, BC V1W 4P1

*The side street parking is very limited! We were fortunate enough to have a car leave when we arrived. :)*

The lower waterfall is only 15 minutes away from the entrance gates. However the trail was closed during the day we went due to high water levels. BUT we saw other hikers coming up and going down the trail, so we decided to take the chances. You can actually see the lower waterfall from the top of this trail by the fence.



View of the waterfall at the start of the trail


Okanagan Lake is also visible here!



under construction?Β 

15 minutes down hill, pass a little stream and a narrow trail. The waterfall becomes louder and on the right is a ladder to climb down to the waterfall for a closer look. At first the ladder looks very intimating but it is very sturdy and safe!


We stopped and played in the beautiful 20ft waterfall. It was too hard to climb up the steep loose rocks to the upper 40ft waterfall, without proper shoes and gears.20170611_152959

We will be back with proper shoes to hike up to the upper waterfall ! Overall a super easy and quick hike during the summer to dip your feet into the cold refreshing water.

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