Knox Mountain Park

Exploring Knox Mountain

Knox Mountain Park, Kelowna BC

Location: 450 Knox Mountain Dr, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9X3

Knox Mountain offers several beautiful hiking trails. Β We explored the upper and lower apex trails.


The view at the Upper Apex gives the beautiful view of Kelowna. There is a gazebo at the top, which is perfect for the summer to keep cool in the shade. Also not get cooked to crisp by the sun.


Following the trail beside the Okanagan Lake leads you to more trails. The lake is so memorizing that it felt unreal. Try searching for theΒ Ogopogo if you have time! πŸ˜‰


The lower apex lookout is the same view from the upper apex but the city just looks bigger from this lookout.


I love the wonders this mountain has to offer. It’s so peaceful with a lot of benches to sit back and relax. I wouldn’t mind living out here if it wasn’t so far of a drive from Vancouver.

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