Travel Diary

From exploring Vancouver, BC, to around the world.

I always loved to travel but never got the opportunities to do so because of school and work. Little getaways from the city such as hikes, and exploring other parts of BC really helps in relaxing me. I just want to be one with nature sometimes/ 89% of the time…

The best places to eat on travels, best tourist spots and so on. Will be documented here as help for others or just myself to remember these memories, good or bad.

I hike a lot. A lot is enough for people to ask if I hike everyday. My hiking list is shrinking but is also growing as I find more hikes I want to cross off my bucket list. Last year (2016) I accomplished 20 hikes during summer. This year I plan on doing doubling that amount. Every hike this year will be recorded, so I’ll do all the getting lost for you and help you find your destinations on the first try.


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